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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~117 Of 365~

Combo Soup. Everyone has to love soup.  I sure do and lucky for me these days, I have my brother around for a taste tester when I cook...and I love to cook.  He always tells me my food is the... Continue Reading →

~101 Of 365~

It is Passover. We celebrate both Easter and Passover.  He does Passover... I do Easter, so it is a full week of cooking and eating.  Tonight I did Chicken, Lamb Shank, Chorosis, Potato Pancakes, and desert.  Its amazing how much... Continue Reading →

~98 Of 365~

Zucchini With this little kitchen thingy, zucchini was spiraled in a second and made into a squash-like pasta.  Poured some balsamic reduction, olive oil, Mrs. Dash, and a couple of splashes of Jack Daniels to the zucc, added a lean... Continue Reading →

~37 Of 365~

Today's Macro Monday theme is "Say Cheese". I was going to skip Macro Monday today but I went ahead and took a look at the theme and read it is "Say Cheese" today, no people in the photo.  Luckily it... Continue Reading →

~27 Of 365~

Remember that wide bag of lemons? Yummy came from it.

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