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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~92-98 Of 365 *2018*~

Getting out of being sick was a trying time but now feeling much better makes me smile finally and the rush is on for the house...again.  It's all good. Thanks for stopping by this week. Til next time...

~340 Of 369~

Murray had a moment when we went through the drive-thru for a puppacino.  He saw the saintly logo peeking through the palms and got his paws ready.  *Funny how dogs know where they are headed*.  Anyway, he hadn't had one in... Continue Reading →

~337 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. A Serene Fit For A Sunday Walk Til next time...

~314 Of 365~

Now, who is most well mannered here?  (bottom photo). Zowie came to visit this morning for her cookie addiction.  Murray decided to strut over to the screen door and make way for her... I guess he is opening the door... Continue Reading →

~97 Of 365~

Murray Got A New Chew Toy He ripped it right out of my hands and started shaking it.  He is instinctive.  A pro.  That's my boy. 🙂 Til next time...  

~56 Of 365~

Murray In The Hood. Murray does like his clothes.  For little dogs, wearing clothes feel comforting and in the Winter it keeps them warm.  He is set low to the ground and it gets cold where we are so putting... Continue Reading →

~39 Of 365~

Dirty Dog. It turned out to be Wild Wednesday with Murray in the garden helping me with the planting.  It is still muddy from the rains and he had a heydey after being cooped up.  I can't keep him out of... Continue Reading →

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