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~169 -175 Of 365~


~351 Of 365~

A true road warrior's abode.  A very dear person to many in the riding network.  I was very happy to come upon him in town.  He lives riding the roads and welcomes those with a wonderful smile on his travels.  This... Continue Reading →

~328 Of 365~

Clutch. Yessiree, the Daily Prompt today is "clutch". Easy peasy. Here are two of mine. Til next time...

~326 Of 365~

At the mercy of power. Til next time... Canon point and shoot G7X - Rider Canon point and shoot G7X - Wind turbines  

~280 Of 365~

After lunch today it felt like I needed some elastic pants *ugh*, but we went home and I walked and worked a bit around the yard to feel normal again.  Murray and Rusty were good in their strollers and the heat wasn't... Continue Reading →

~249 Of 365~

I went in to look at the URALs. Then I saw this. And then I saw that. Then I got confused. Then confusion put me in an altered state. Then I had to remove myself because I drove myself crazy.... Continue Reading →

~179 Of 365~

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

~178 Of 365~


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