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~169 -175 Of 365~


~351 Of 365~

A true road warrior's abode.  A very dear person to many in the riding network.  I was very happy to come upon him in town.  He lives riding the roads and welcomes those with a wonderful smile on his travels.  This... Continue Reading →

~328 Of 365~

Clutch. Yessiree, the Daily Prompt today is "clutch". Easy peasy. Here are two of mine. Til next time...

~326 Of 365~

At the mercy of power. Til next time... Canon point and shoot G7X - Rider Canon point and shoot G7X - Wind turbines  

~280 Of 365~

After lunch today it felt like I needed some elastic pants *ugh*, but we went home and I walked and worked a bit around the yard to feel normal again.  Murray and Rusty were good in their strollers and the heat wasn't... Continue Reading →

~249 Of 365~

I went in to look at the URALs. Then I saw this. And then I saw that. Then I got confused. Then confusion put me in an altered state. Then I had to remove myself because I drove myself crazy.... Continue Reading →

~179 Of 365~

Mr. and Mrs. Jones

~178 Of 365~


~176 Of 365~

~Sunday's Shoes~ Today was a very hot day at the Born Free Motorcycle Show at Irvine Lake. We girls  met some new friends, saw some old ones and won nothing in the raffle arena, but most definitely, had a great time.... Continue Reading →

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