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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~166 of 365~

#FOTD - Among The Wildflowers

~155 of 365~

Murray Got A Clip

~119 of 365~

#Squares - Top Dog

~358 Of 365~

Murray got the Christmas eve doo at the groomers today.  Not so mild, but he pranced around very proud of his green and red. Happy Christmas Eve. Til next time...  

~303 Of 365~

In all his fur fluff, he did well today after the vet appointment.  He also got a Thunder Shirt to keep him from getting anxiety (which he does often).  I'm not sure if I see any difference yet but we... Continue Reading →

~291 Of 365~

Murray stood watch for more lizards today while the outdoor furniture got another move-around.   After that, I went into Project Sand-A Log. I got brave and sanded away until I wasn't sure just what I was doing *I don't think... Continue Reading →

~289 Of 365~

Today's Daily Prompt is "Loyal".  This is my "loyal".  Those of us that have doggies, you know already that if you treat them with love, they devour it and give more back 100 times.  10 years with this little guy... Continue Reading →

~287 Of 365~

I succumb to Murray's patience.  He is the best.  Murray had a hard time dealing while I was dealing but he made it.  So did the Fender Bug. Til next time.

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