~288 Of 365~

From The Booth: There was no way possible I would ascend to anything useful today.  So here is a *From The Booth* photo from Cellzilla and the warmers at a local restaurant because the heat had ascended into triple digits and they were absolutely not needed.  Welcome to So. Cal. Til next time...

~209 Of 365~

Satisfaction.  This week's The Daily Post word is Satisfaction. Ahhhh now, most Americans got a lot of it last night watching the vote.  We still retain health care.  Yup. Satisfaction.  So I hung out at the Grateful She'Did Shed watering flowers and changing out the summer thinking about Humpty Dumpty and how all his men... Continue Reading →

~198 Of 365~

Today's ride to the bank was a nice get away.  The weather was cooler and I needed to go take care of some business, so packing up the trike and getting out was wonderful.  I stopped by Cooks for a bit to enjoy the day out with the usual Arnold Palmer.  When getting home, I... Continue Reading →

~146 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Reprieve~ This is a good word for the day.  It is Friday and I am welcoming this holiday weekend as a nice reprieve from it all. Today's News:  The same old story about T.  He's his worst enemy. *patience* Local News:  A new free-fall ride, Guardians of the Galaxy" is now at California Adventure... Continue Reading →

~145 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Survive~ I hope I survive the embarrassing speeches and slouchy walks T does *makes my eyes and ears hurt... but I must watch*.  I suppose that should be the least of my thoughts about him.  *I'll give it another go*... I hope I survive his ruthless changes to insurance, the monuments, lies, and America... Continue Reading →

~140 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Descend~ After a long day it is time to descend into the evening appropriately.  Hope all are having a wonderful weekend.  I am. Today's News: (of course it's about T, isn't it always?!) T did a shaggy sword dance in Saudi Arabia.  *give this man some rhythm puleezzz!*  Yes, awkward even to watch... he... Continue Reading →

~139 Of 368~

Daily Prompt ~ Notorious~ Evidently, I have been known for being a tad notorious.   Being notorious is kind of mysterious and I think a little snappy, so I will take it.  At this age, it is okay to be a little infamous. For example, I am the one who broke through the "traditional" with family, and... Continue Reading →

~137 Of 365~

Well today is just one of those days that almost got by me! Yikes!  So it is a short post.  A photo of a distant relative's head stone.  Kind of creepy and yet it has been kept up and it is what it is. Today's News:  Yes!  We are getting an independent investigation. Now we... Continue Reading →

~136 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Qualm~ I had a qualm about taking Murray to my semi-annual coif day.  He normally goes, but I needed a break.  He won the argument.   Today's News:  Yup, T again.  While he is off having din din with his buddies in foreign countries blurbing out how he is being done wrong *silly boy*,... Continue Reading →

~120 Of 365~

From The Booth. It was a warm day and today we dealt with looking for doors for the new house.  We are in that stage of renovation now.  After checking out the local antique shops and crafts people, the hunger set in.  Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen is a standard for us as a go to in... Continue Reading →

~119 Of 365~

Twas a very windy day today, but after all the work to put the house back together again, the bench was a good site to see. Today's News:  It was windy.  Did I say windy?  Yes, it was windy.  The Free Press goes on *who needs #45 at the Correspondents' Dinner, after all it is... Continue Reading →

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