~151 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Trace~ I had to trace Murray down today.  Seems he didn't like the news either. Trace:  Kushner and Russian Banker. *yes, you can do a trace too*.  While you are at it, trace those shoes to the wifey who has her shoe line made outside the U.S. to China where now suspiciously 2 people... Continue Reading →

~145 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Survive~ I hope I survive the embarrassing speeches and slouchy walks T does *makes my eyes and ears hurt... but I must watch*.  I suppose that should be the least of my thoughts about him.  *I'll give it another go*... I hope I survive his ruthless changes to insurance, the monuments, lies, and America... Continue Reading →

~144 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Impression~ Are first impressions important?  Probably not, but it counts.  Good or bad, the impression one makes at first is a perception for the future. Sometimes making a bad impression is what one wants to do so they never have to see that person again. *I think that is what happened with me and... Continue Reading →

~140 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Descend~ After a long day it is time to descend into the evening appropriately.  Hope all are having a wonderful weekend.  I am. Today's News: (of course it's about T, isn't it always?!) T did a shaggy sword dance in Saudi Arabia.  *give this man some rhythm puleezzz!*  Yes, awkward even to watch... he... Continue Reading →

~139 Of 368~

Daily Prompt ~ Notorious~ Evidently, I have been known for being a tad notorious.   Being notorious is kind of mysterious and I think a little snappy, so I will take it.  At this age, it is okay to be a little infamous. For example, I am the one who broke through the "traditional" with family, and... Continue Reading →

~137 Of 365~

Well today is just one of those days that almost got by me! Yikes!  So it is a short post.  A photo of a distant relative's head stone.  Kind of creepy and yet it has been kept up and it is what it is. Today's News:  Yes!  We are getting an independent investigation. Now we... Continue Reading →

~136 Of 365~

Daily Prompt~Qualm~ I had a qualm about taking Murray to my semi-annual coif day.  He normally goes, but I needed a break.  He won the argument.   Today's News:  Yup, T again.  While he is off having din din with his buddies in foreign countries blurbing out how he is being done wrong *silly boy*,... Continue Reading →

~125 Of 356~

Cinco de Mayo.  Today is the day to fill the belly with Margaritas and good Mexican food. However, Murray got his sombrero on at doggie day care. Little did I know he had a special day of treats.  Today's News: Today America found out just who they voted for, a bunch of selfish, egotistical, non... Continue Reading →

~88 Of 365~

Shotgun Murray. Today, I had to deliver some tools back and forth and Mr. Murray went with me in the truck. We had a good day driving around which he loves to do.  It was hot though and the air conditioning was used for the first time all year. Today also brought news that now... Continue Reading →

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