~314 Of 365~

Now, who is most well mannered here?  (bottom photo). Zowie came to visit this morning for her cookie addiction.  Murray decided to strut over to the screen door and make way for her... I guess he is opening the door his way. A good sign of the day to come? Til next time...    

~255 Of 365~

It is boot time again!  Yayyy!  I don't like to disobey fashion rules *ok, I lied, but...* the white shoes went into plastic boxes until next year's Spring and out came the boots for Fall and Winter.  I am very much looking forward to the cold this year and some turtlenecks.  It has been a... Continue Reading →

~251 Of 365~

My favorite Thunderhead in the whole wide world.  I have my feelers out for a buy on my beloved LUVMEDU.  My Beatles bike.  I have decided to see how that goes and let go.  ughghghg... *having separation anxiety already.* Waiting to see how this may turn out. I have two other bikes that I ride more... Continue Reading →

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