……….365 Days………..

~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~3 of 365~

January 3-Start With The Letter J.

~358 – 365 Of 365~ 2018

Happy New Year From 365 Days To You.

~211 – 217 Of 365~

A shopping week full of chairs.  Didn't buy one but took a few pics. Til next time...

~356 Of 365~

Today I was a bit influenced by old noir movies so I shot in black and white and had some fun in the garden.  The featured image for this post reminds me of those B and C giant ant and... Continue Reading →

~318 Of 365~

Once again, after listening to the contractor I was dubious about anything being on time.   I can't count how many times I have been without water on this stinkin' project. Til next time...  

~314 Of 365~

Now, who is most well mannered here?  (bottom photo). Zowie came to visit this morning for her cookie addiction.  Murray decided to strut over to the screen door and make way for her... I guess he is opening the door... Continue Reading →

~255 Of 365~

It is boot time again!  Yayyy!  I don't like to disobey fashion rules *ok, I lied, but...* the white shoes went into plastic boxes until next year's Spring and out came the boots for Fall and Winter.  I am very... Continue Reading →

~254 Of 365~

It is my father's birthday (RIP) and it is 9-11, a day to Never Forget, and I never will.  Every September 11th since 2005 (the year I got my motorcycle license) I put on my Dad's watch and shirt, get... Continue Reading →

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