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~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~40 of 365~

Sunday's Shoes For a Sunday's Selfie

~7 of 365~


~43-49 Of 365 *2018*

It was an all over the place kind of week.  From picking out flooring to Valentines Day to getting things tuned up on the bike.  Sort of uneventful... sort of not. Just another week to be happy on this planet... Continue Reading →

~337 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes. A Serene Fit For A Sunday Walk Til next time...

~334 Of 365~

I love the trees and their roots.  This highway of roots was on the curbside and I had to stop and take a photo of it.  To me, it was a serene bundled mess, but it was an awesome tree. Til... Continue Reading →

~293 Of 365~

Seven Days Seven B & W Photos Challenge An explanation for the next 7 days: Challenged by Sugunag's Blog, for the next seven days, I will post a black and white photograph.  Seven Days Seven B&W Photos Challenge.  I have no... Continue Reading →

~275 Of 365~

Condolences to those families who lost their loved ones yesterday. I am so sorry. I am praying and holding you close in my thoughts. Til next time...      

~261 Of 365~

Now that's a purteee sight to me eyes!  It was a glorious day to discover the stucco base is going up finally.  It's been a long time coming. Now lets just see how long it will stay this way...pfffttt. *hopes... Continue Reading →

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