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~deserting 365 Days for 365 Days, Needed a Break. Tales From My Lens is one click away~



~244 Of 365~

The unknown. Just when I thought I was on a roll scanning photos to place them in the appropriate spot on the family tree, I came across these two (or this person).  I think I know who it is, however,... Continue Reading →

~240 Of 365~

The Daily Prompt word is Magnetic.  As I  do the family photographs for the new ancestry site, I came upon these two folks.  Now, I have seen this photo before, I just don't know who they are yet.  But I... Continue Reading →

~238 Of 365~

First, I am going to dignify this post by saying... Yup, I am this old and I do remember not only using these items but still loving them.   We went retro shopping today.  And it was fun. Til next... Continue Reading →

~236 Of 365~

Just more of my trip to Alameda.  A this and that.  Lampshade from Hangar 1 as the featured image, and... This photo from the old Alameda Naval Air Station, now Alameda Point.  One of my favorite places to visit while... Continue Reading →

~235 Of 365~

The most moving and visceral part of attending my reunion was trying to find my locker at our visit to the campus.  *I used to have locker dreams (not being able to find the darn thing)*!  It was surreal after... Continue Reading →

~220 Of 365~

Life is a carousel.  It just goes 'round and around and around again.  Can someone take me off this T ride already?!  It just gets worse and worse and worse. Til next time... Daily Prompt~Carousel~

~218 Of 365~

This little decorative broom made my house shimmer and shine believe it or not.  When I couldn't find the regular broom a few years ago, I picked it up and started using this one.  To my surprise I loved it.... Continue Reading →

~217 Of 365~

I was wondering what to do with the salvaged sink and old water cooler. I think the textures I wanted to see are happening with the rocks and plants. The rock fish like it too. Til next time... The Daily... Continue Reading →

~215 Of 365~

The veggie garden is in full symphony of produce. It is a very small garden, but it is enough to feed us with vegetables almost every day. Today's batch rendered tomatoes and herbs, and a look at one of the... Continue Reading →

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