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~344 – 350 Of 365~

This Season is a rush of sorts as it stands as the norm for most.  Having my Seasonal cold right now doesn't help me in the getting around and enjoying the time.  Seems I woke up with a small monster... Continue Reading →

~280 Of 365~

After lunch today it felt like I needed some elastic pants *ugh*, but we went home and I walked and worked a bit around the yard to feel normal again.  Murray and Rusty were good in their strollers and the heat wasn't... Continue Reading →

~276 Of 365~

Mama Joy's Apricot Jam If you recall, on post  ~175 Of 365~  a couple of friends rode over and stayed the weekend for the Born Free Motorcycle Show.   One of them has a delicious interest in making jams and jellies.  Every year... Continue Reading →

~275 Of 365~

Condolences to those families who lost their loved ones yesterday. I am so sorry. I am praying and holding you close in my thoughts. Til next time...      

~269 Of 365~

Hangman's Tree?  In 1857 2 banditos were hung.  I went looking for it and came across this yesterday.  Evidently, it is not too far from me, however, I am not so sure this is the right one.  I wonder just... Continue Reading →

~264 Of 365~

The mighty fern is growing well in the garden this season already.  It actually rained a bit today, so the greens were vibrant and the smells are fresh and Fall-ish. Til next time...

~262 Of 365~

Today's tentative scheduled tree trimmers turned out to be a go which was great for taking the camera around the rose garden.  It won't be long before they will be cut for the season.  Murray was at doggie play date and... Continue Reading →

~259 Of 365~

He doesn't look too creepy for a reptile standing above it, but after cropping his little body photo he looks like someone could recreate him in a ghoulish Hollywood B movie. These guys are all over the place and although... Continue Reading →

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