……….365 Days………..

~Just A Photo A Day For 365 Days~



~349 Of 365~

As I keep working on the potpourri I realize I will need to ascend a ladder to get to the shelves which keep filling up with petals.  The only way to store now is up even though I give a... Continue Reading →

~196 Of 365~

Taking my tea walk I collected a small bounty this morning.  More flowers of course for my potpourri, and then some lemons, apples and tomatoes.  Seems that everything is poppin' up all at once and so fast I can't eat... Continue Reading →

~123 Of 365~

Gettin' My Potpourri On. Today I stored away a few jars of potpourri from my garden.  Each one has a varying fragrance and the smell is just wonderful.  Everyday I pick a houseful of roses and now I am addicted... Continue Reading →

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