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~222 Of 365~

An Invitation. A new post on Tales From My Lens *finally*. Til next time...

~207 Of 365~

Today's prompt is "tea".  Every morning I have a green tea, and this morning I made some gluten free, almond flour banana muffins to go along with my sips.  Yummy good.   Today's Daily Prompt on The Daily Post also... Continue Reading →

~82 Of 365~

Feet.   After writing yesterday's post photo from  Tales From My Lens, I played around and went a little crazy on the feet pic.  Today I continued fooling around with it and came up with this.  Just a mirror. Fun... Continue Reading →

~54 Of 365~

Calla Lilys. There are a few on the property.  All of a sudden they are popping up.  Large leaves and very beautiful flowers.  They like the clay soil.  I amended another yard of mulch in the ground today and to... Continue Reading →

~36 Of 365~

Sunday's Shoes #3 Today's Sunday's Shoes is just all about relaxing.  I really don't like football, but I do like the halftime shows and Lady Gaga really rocked.  We ended up going down the road to our fave Italian place... Continue Reading →

~35 Of 365~

2 Butts

~34 Of 365~

Friday's Flower Power #2 A Yellow Bud

~29 OF 365~

This is my Murray.  He takes me away from knowing how bad it is. Murray is a low rider and likes standing with one paw up.  I think it is just to get attention, but he loves that anyway he... Continue Reading →

~28 Of 365~

Simply a beautiful day today.

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