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~198 of 365~

~Squares - Perspectives~

~183 – 189 Of 365~

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~85-91 Of 365 *2018*~

Thanks for stopping in for another week of 365 2018. Til next time...

~352 Of 365~

I never know where my daily compass is going to take me, but today was a fun one finishing up a crafty-wafty project.  The wind has died down so I took advantage of being outside and enjoying the nice weather.... Continue Reading →

~271 Of 365~

T minus 95 days countdown til the end of this year and the launch of 2018.  In the meantime, we still have to eat so I mixed up a new rub for some ribs today. *I just have a hankering... Continue Reading →

~105 Of 365~

It was a fun day.  We ended our day at Giracci Vineyards and Farms with some great wine and education on chicken raising.  I spotted their chicken coop a few days ago and just had to see how it was set... Continue Reading →

~104 Of 365~

Wine Time. I made these coasters years ago.  We venture around wine counties in California whenever we get away and I collect labels from any winery that gives them to me.  I have loads. *yes I like to drink wine*.... Continue Reading →

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